Wedding Singer

Moonstruck has a blog now! You like? Because we do!  

It’s our one week countdown until this show hits the ground running.  Our auditions start Saturday, folks!  If you’re not signed up or would like more information, visit the main website or check out our facebook event.  

This year, our show is “The Wedding Singer“.  Based on the Adam Sandler movie from 1998.   You still get to enjoy some of the awesome original songs, and there’s added new elements that make the show fun and fresh.  Helmed originally by Stephen Lynch as Robbie Hart, the production opened at the Al Hirschfield Theatre in April 2006 and ran for 284 performances.

Moonstruck visited the 80’s last year with “FAME” but we decided to go full-blown 80’s this time around.  We’re so excited to tease some hair, rock some sick leggings, and blast some power ballads this summer.  We also get to talk about the McRib…which may in fact, be back again before the show starts.  At least we hope so!

We’d like to believe this show has it all: a bright pop score, tons of comedy, and the most rockin’ ensemble this side of whenever.  Seriously.  The ensemble in this show is BUSY.  Characters that aren’t listed on our website but are taken by the ensemble are:  waiters, shoppers, brides and grooms (yes, plural), wall street executives, and let’s not forget the Los Vegas celebrity impersonators.  Because honestly, would this be a true 80’s piece without appearances from (fake) Billy Idol and Cyndi Lauper? 

For now, enjoy this infectiously fun performance from the Tony Awards.  This force of nature opens the show: “It’s Your Wedding Day”.

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