Moonstruck: A Brief History


We saw a need for something.  Something we thought should exist, but cost too much in gas money.   In our region, we faced participation fees and little variety.  This problem gave founder Caroline Fonseca an idea: what if there was a new option?

What was that something?  High quality performance opportunities in Worcester county that didn’t involve a fee to participate.  This is something more often found closer to Boston, and many of our talented friends in the region were filling their gas tanks far too often.  Why were we being forced to drive?  We wanted to create theatre – good theatre not seen too often at a regional level.  We wanted to run the whole process, start to finish.  We wanted to pick the shows we wanted to do! So, that summer in 2006, our group began creating.  It’s 2012 and we’re doing our eighth show (our third musical) and we show no signs of stopping!

Through this process, we’ve been able to create an internship program, foster educational partnerships, and overall give some artistic variety to our area.  We strongly believe that in order to learn and grow, you have to get that hands on experience – and as we grow, we’re able to give that to more and more people in the local area.  Our closing line from our original website still rings true: 

“We aim to do what we love and create some memorable productions and experiences along the way.”

Want some pictures of our journey? Of course you do!  Here are some photo highlights from the way-back-machine… after the jump!
The Actor’s Nightmare, Summer 2006
You Can’t Take It With You, Summer 2007
Lend Me A Tenor, Summer 2008
“One Night Only” a night of short plays: Winter 2009
Spring Awakening, Summer 2009
Urinetown, Summer 2010
FAME! Summer 2011
See more of our photos by visiting our photo galleries here!

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