2011: FAME

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August 5-14, 2011

Carmen Diaz — Katie Miller
Schlomo Metzenbaum — Josh Mauro
Serena Katz — Laura Girard
Nick Piazza — Keith Caram
Jack Ivanov — Alex Pappas
Iris Kelly — Kayla Collette
Mabel Washington — Shannon Hinkley
Joe Vegas — Matt Sherman
Grace Lamb — Mara Foley
Goody King — Colby Robbins
Miss Sherman — Jill Williams
Miss Bell — Lali Haines
Mr. Meyers — Jon McCauley
Mr. Sheinkopf — Mike Ericson

Directed by Stacy Kadesch
Music Direction by John Eldridge
Choreography by Melissa Sheffield and Danielle Carroll
Asst Choreographer Mary Angeleri
Stage Managed by Halli Lieberman
Produced by Mark Sherman

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